IconFrog Slide
for iPhone, iPod Touch

Frog Slide is a sliding puzzle game featuring an exclusive selection of nature photographs.


Tapping on a piece beside the hole in the puzzle will slide that piece into the empty spot. Rearrange the pieces until the photo is reassembled.


MULTIPLE PHOTOS: There are 10 puzzle sets available for Frog Slide, each of which features three different photos in a particular theme. The first sample set comes free and the other nine can be purchased direct from the application for $.99 each.

Critters Series:

Growing Series:

Outside Series:

More puzzle sets will be available in future versions!

CAMERA & PHOTO ALBUM: As a bonus with your first puzzle set purchase you will receive the ability to take a photo or select a photo from your photo library to use as your puzzle image! When you take a photo it is automatically saved to your Camera Roll (this can be disabled in Settings).

COMPLETED PUZZLE GALLERY: When you complete a puzzle from one of the official puzzle sets the photo is added to your Gallery where you can view the photos as a slideshow or copy them to your Photo Album!

FOUR DIFFICULTY LEVELS: By default, Frog Slide creates a sliding puzzle with a 4x4 grid (15 pieces) but you can also select an easier 3x3 grid (8 pieces) or more difficult 5x5 (24 pieces) or 6x6 (35 pieces) options.

Give Frog Slide a try today!