Application development for the iOS platform

DLdeveloper is no longer in business and cannot offer support of any kind.

DLdeveloper, Inc. was founded by Daniel J. Lyons III and is located a short hop west of Boston in Natick, Massachusetts.

Mr. Lyons was the programmer behind Flutter, a now discontinued application from Juice Wireless, Inc., that provided MMS-like services to iPhone’s running OS 2.X. One of DLdeveloper’s first projects was with iPhone Ventures porting the Localytics analytic library to the iPhone platform. DLdeveloper's first application, Meet Me Here, was released in October 2009.

In 2010, DLdeveloper has been releasing a series of games for the iPhone and iPad. Released in March were Bullet Skater, co-developed with Bullet Development, and Frog Slide. In April, DLdeveloper released Frog Jig for iPad. In September 2010 Art Trap Productions, LLC. released the Doctor Who Podshock Companion as a compliment to the popular Doctor Who Podshock podcast.