Available DLdeveloper Applications

Frog Jig

The second in a series of puzzle applications, Frog Jig brings a truely authentic jigsaw puzzle experience to the iPad.

Frog Slide

The first in a series of puzzle applications, Frog Slide is a sliding puzzle game featuring an exclusive selection of nature photographs.

Meet Me Here

Let people know where you are with a simple shake!

Meet Me Here is a simple location sharing application that sends an email with your location to anyone with an email address.

Available Client Applications

DW Podshock Companion

A podcast companion from Art Trap Productions, LLC. for the Gallifreyan Embassy's Doctor Who Podshock.

The goal is to provide an expanded experience for Podshock listeners including the Podshock Twitter feed as well as exclusive content.

Bullet Skater

A family arcade style game from Bullet Development.

The goal is to help your character dodge incoming bullets by tilting your device and tapping the screen to jump. The game is designed originally and exclusively for the iPhone and iPod touch. The logo was provided by RFlyGD.


A developer library from Localytics.

Usage analytics library for mobile application developers.

DLdeveloper and iPhone Ventures ported this library to Objective-C for use on the iPhone platform.


A lifestyle application from iPhone Ventures.

A tool to help keep in touch with everyone in your Address Book.

DLdeveloper assisted with the specifications, scope, initial design and the final submission to the app store.

Discontinued Client Applications


The first stop-gap application designed to send simulated MMS from the iPhone to any web-enabled cell phone from Juice Wireless.

DLdeveloper and iPhone Ventures put this application together using Core Location, Address Book integration, camera integration, http multipart data submissions & xml data parsing.

With the release of OS 3.0 and the addition of native MMS messaging this product became unnecessary.